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Project Pontiac: 06/25/2014

Well, here we go again.

Start, stop. Start, stop. That’s what the last two and a half years felt like when it came to the old Custom S. I know I say this often, or at least it feels like I’ve said it before, but I am now firmly committed to getting stuff done with the old girl.

I ordered a Front End Rebuild Kit, some new front springs, and a Tempest/Lemans Assembly manual from OPGI this morning. Yup, part of what I will be calling Phase One will be fixing the front end of my A Body. The front end kit will help with the front end suspension and, with the new springs, hopefully correct the “A Body Lean” that the Custom S is currently suffering from on the driver’s side. The Assembly manual will hopefully allow me to address the front bumper that’s not seated correctly.

Another part of Phase One is to address the fact that she’s been sitting for a little while. I need her to get back up and running. My goal is to be driving her around by the end of the summer.

So, I have to get on it. Let’s see how long I can keep myself motivated. 


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Project Pontiac: 04/28/2014

Wow! So, I probably should have done this back in 2011, but I finally decided to look through all of the extra parts that Randy, the previous owner of the Custom S, included with my purchase.

I feel quite dumb because I found a treasure trove of stuff!


This is just a small sampling of what I found. I mean, I actually bought a hood latch assembly and pop up spring. Of course, I couldn’t figure out how to put it together. What do I find in that box of treasures? The original hood latch assembly and pop up spring.

I suppose having an extra one laying around is okay (though I could have saved myself some money if I had just inventoried the box sitting in my trunk).

I also found the original steering column cover (which saves me 35 bucks) as well as the Pontiac emblem for the Grille.

My most exciting find (and most disappointing) were the PMD wheel hub covers. As I was digging through the box, I kept finding them one after the other. I was starting to feel elation. Too bad my elation was tempered by the fact that I did not have a fourth one. A reproduction one costs around 50 bucks, but they have the Red Lettering as opposed to the white I have on my three. If I can take them apart, I’ll just paint the lettering red. Here’s hoping.

There were a bunch of other parts I found that will end up saving me even more money. As a result, I might start tinkering a little more with the Custom S this week.

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