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Project Avalanche: 03/08/2014

So, I finally was able to do something with the Avalanche.

Of the many things I need to address on the truck, one of the easiest was headlight restoration. After twelve years, the headlights, fog lights, et. al. were yellowed and oxidized.

A few weeks before, I was digging around the garage and found some Rain-X headlight restorer that Jenna had bought a while ago. She had never really used it so the package was practically brand new. I had more of a preference with Mother’s Headlight Restorer (with Power Ball, an attachment that goes on a power drill that does the polishing), but as a trial run, Jenna and I decided to use the Rain-X on her Odyssey.

The results were pretty good. Figuring that the Rain-X brand did a good job, Mother’s would probably do an even better job.

Boy, was I mistaken. Granted my lights were pretty damaged, but after a full pass, it just didn’t seem it did very much.


It didn’t look bad. Heck, it looked better than it did before. But, I wasn’t as impressed with the results as I was with the Rain-X restorer. For reference, I’m including the driver side before any restorer.


As you can see, the bottom damage was extensive. The top I had just done a pass with the Rain-X.

The next picture shows the end result before I applied sealant.


Finally, the end result. If I was to do this all over again, I’d have saved my my money and just used the Rain-X rather than buying the Mother’s Restorer with Power Ball.

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